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Charting the Course for Drones

May 16, 2017

More than 65 representatives from consulting, aerospace, engineering, insurance and imaging companies recently met with Syracuse Universityfaculty along with representatives from government and law enforcement agencies at the Syracuse Center...


Watch "Syracuse University Students Test Drone Safety"

March 25, 2017

Syracuse University and Calspan Corporation used a sophisticated dummy with 13 high-tech sensors to measure the impact of a drone falling from the sky and landing on someone.

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SU Students Test Out Drone Safety

March 24, 2017

SU grad students came together to test the hits on dummies and pork ribs. Dropping the drones from 25 ft in the air from different angles let the students see...

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SU Project Tests Impact of Drones Falling on People

March 24, 2017
by Eric Miller

A Syracuse University led project is looking at the impact of a small drone failure falling from the sky and landing on someone using a sophisticated dummy with 13 sensors.

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SyracuseCoE is New York State’s Center of Excellence for Environmental and Energy Systems

March 24, 2017

From Lab to Market: SyracuseCoE catalyzes research, development and demonstrations to accelerate innovations for clean energy, healthy buildings and resilient communities.

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Army Drafts CNY Company to Counter Rising Threat of Enemy Drones

February 23, 2017
by Eric Miller

SRC Inc. of Cicero has developed several counter-drone systems, including Silent Archer shown in this artist's rendering.

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State Funds Six Syracuse University Drone Research Projects

February 14, 2017

The dream of making Central New York a hub for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) is coming together, thanks to state funding.

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Central New York: Where Innovation Takes Flight

November 7, 2016

Central New York, a world leader in education, high tech and agriculture, has taken off as a center for unmanned aircraft.